Featured Products

KATTOR system products: 3D Adjustment System, Inremental Launching System, Continuous Strand-jack System, Synchronous Lifting System, Jacking Formwork Platform, Pre-stressed Tensioning System and Cycle Grouting System, etc.


Why Choose Us ?

We can provide the most comprehensive equipments and products for various kinds of engineering demand;
We can work out the most suitable engineering designing and construction solutions due to rich experience in this field;
Our past contributon has been widely acknowledged by customers in China and oversea markets;
Our vision of Making Chinese Engineering Equipments Popular in the World will be the inexhaustible motivation for us to move forward.

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Who We Are ?

CEEN (China Engineering Equipment Network), is a subcompany of KATTOR Group. With headquarter in the world engineering design capital-Wuhan, we integrate a series of industry-leading brands as partners. Our target is to build a professional online trade platform. In the near future, CEEN will be a world leading B2B portal specialized in infrastructure construction between global customers and quality Chinese suppliers.


Our Project Cases

Our products have been successfully applied in the construction of many world class projects, such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB), Myanmar Mau Bin Bridge, China Zun (Z15) Tower and Wuhan Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge, etc.

  • Repair Work of Mau Bin Bridge, Myanmar
  • High Rise Core Construction of China Zun (Z15) Tower
  • Steel Cofferdam Lowering of Wuhan Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge
  • Intelligent 3D Adjustment System Applied in Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
  •  Incremental Launching Method Applied in Dongting Lake Railway Bridge
  • Synchronous Lifting System Applied in the Maintenance of  the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge